Miss Violet is "Miss Dependable"!  She'll volunteer for all kinds of jobs, but that also goes with "there ain't nothin' that she won't do"!
      Yeah & you never know ... what that there girl's gonna go & get herself into!
      Madam Sunshine owns and runs the saloon ... thinks she can run just about ever'thing and ever'body in town, too!   
      She is especially fond of money ... & will stop at just 'bout nothin' to get it! 
      Rumor has it that she's kinda sweet on Marshal Cactus Jack ... heck it aint no rumor at all!
    Will Killem ... the "meanest man" in the west.  
Former soldier & ex-Texas Ranger ... a sometimes bounty hunter ... outlaw ... pistolero.  
   Mostly ornery!   Rot gut whiskey, soiled doves & tin horn gamblers inhabit his world. 
  Some people say he's ... "meaner than a polecat & twice as deadly as a two headed rattlesnake" ... 
he's kilt more men than small pox! 
    Marshal Cactus Jack came to town one day ... shot & killed the former marshal ... who was the marshal at the time ... & then he took over the former marshal's job & is now the marshal.  
  He's said to have been involved in more than 20 gunfights without a scratch ... legend has it that he's "bullet proof". 
  Although he probably won't admit it ... he's "sweet" on Madam Sunshine 
        Marshal Cactus Jack came upon Jingles up in the Indian Nations where he was 'bout to be hung for rustlin'.           Just as they was about to put his neck in the noose, the marshal rode up & saved him from a neck tie party!  
     After the judge released Jingles in the marshal's custody, the marshal took him under his wing and made him his deputy.  
    Jack figures that, with a little confidence instilled in ole Jingles, he might be pert near competent … someday.
      Digger Graves, aka "Swifty" ... our beloved undertaker, came to Santa Angela on the noon stage one day.  He soon set up shop as ~THE REST IN PEACE MORTUARY~   His motto is ... “Why walk around half dead when I can bury you for $22.00, using your choice of a pine box!”  Sadly business was pretty good for him around these parts at first, but since the marshal has pretty well cleaned up the town,  business has fallen off somewhat.          This has caused Digger to resort to additional means of income.  Rumor has it that, as his alter ego ... Swifty, he has resorted to the masked robbing of stagecoaches.  That's great for business now... as Swifty will shoot 'em & the county will pay Digger to lay 'em in the ground!